Safety Tips

* Your Dryer, Every time you use it you must clean out the lint basket. If you do not you are asking for trouble, such as a fire. How? the heating elements get hot and need air to cool them as they dry your clothes. The air path is over the heater then your clothes and out the lint basket. If the lint basket is plugged the elements start to get real hot and can ignite any lint that is around. The other thing you need to do is clean out your vent hose, this hose can get clogged with lint and water and can cause the same problem. This hose should be cleaned out periodically depending on frequency of dryer use.

* Smoke/Co alarms. These are a must in any dwelling. Not just one but several in the proper location. The new units are now a combination of both, look for the ones with the 10 year batteries, you still should check them every month or so. If you live in an apartment it is your responsibility to maintain these alarms. If you neighbor does not change the battery or pulls it off the ceiling they are putting you and your family in danger.

* Fire safety, in the event of a building fire stay low. Heat and smoke rises, get close to the floor, there is air and visibility down there. If you get trapped find a room and close the door, put a blanket or something by the lower opening to keep the smoke out. get close to a window but not under it. If you are under the window and a Fireman comes through they will end up stepping on you. DO NOT HIDE UNDER THE BED OR IN THE CLOSED, PLEASE. if you can put a towel or some out the window and close it on it, it’s a marker.

* Fire safety, remember get out and stay out. Have a meeting place so once you get out you can gather, once the Fire Dept arrives you can let them know if everyone is out or where they may be. DO NOT GO BACK IN FOR PETS they are smarter than you think, they probably got out before you did and hiding.

* Cooking, if you have a grease fire NEVER PUT WATER ON IT this will cause the fire to explode spreading it all over the place and on you. If you can, shut off the heat and put a cover on it, than get out. If you have a fire extinguisher  and know how to use it stand back and put your finger slightly over the nozzle and fan the extinguisher so it makes a blanket over the pan. ALWAYS CALL 911.

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