Yup, we're looking. Are you?
Yup, we’re looking. Are you?


Volunteering for Stony Hill Fire & EMS is described as exhilarating and rewarding. Many members have built their careers from joining.  

SHFD accepts junior members starting at the age of 16.  You learn how the “fire ground” is setup and how the “incident command” structure works. You understand what each piece of equipment does such as “The Jaws of Life” and how it functions. When you gear up and jump onto the truck, lights and sirens going, you arrive and the officer states “on scene” over the radio.  

FF Patrick Magyar and nephew Daniel 2013

On the EMS side (Emergency Medical Service) you start off by riding along to learn the ropes. Understanding how scene management is setup and how safety is number one. Watching the marriage of EMS and Fire/Rescue as they work seamlessly together on a MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident). Understand how care is given to help a neighbor in trouble. 
As a member of SHFD EMS you will need to train as a Emergency Medical  Technician (EMT). Many Stony Hill members that have taken this training turned it into a career.  Some members have continued on to become ER doctors.  The sky’s the limit.

We want you, become a volunteer member and grow into a career. Give us your time and we pay for your basic training.
We want you! Become a volunteer member and grow into a career. Give us your time and we pay for your basic training.

Stony Hill Fire requires that you live (or work with exceptions) within a 3 mile radius of the Firehouse. There is an application process and a multi-state background check. Once cleared you will meet with the officers for an interview. If accepted, members are required to have an annual physical conducted by the towns supported provider.

If this life sounds exciting just give us a call or stop by any Monday Night around 7 PM.  

Click here for Application: SHFD Application  

Or email us: recruit@stonyhillfd.com